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The OnTheBumpô pitching philosophy is pretty simple; become more efficient with the mechanics, and everything else will fall into place. Every pitcher wants to throw harder; but how does a pitcher go about making it as easy as possible to achieve this? Particularly with youth pitchers, gaining an understanding of how mechanics play a role in the success on the mound for a pitcher is extremely important. When seeking out the right instructor for your son/daughter, a good instructor should explain why a drill is important and how it relates to that individual player's progression.

Aspiring pitchers can come in all shapes, sizes and experience levels and understanding the difference of each player and how to assist them in reaching their pitching goals is what we specialize in. No two players are the same which is why we don't believe in a 'cookie-cutter' approach to pitching instruction. The OnTheBumpô instructional philosophy is about making the necessary improvements to a player's natural ability. What is required for each pitcher can vary based on individual abilities and having a solid foundation of the physical and mental aspects of pitching is a staple for those pitchers aiming to have what it takes to be successfully consistent.

Key factors of our PITCHING philosophy
  • Identify the key points of the delivery
  • How does 'rhythm' play a factor in efficiency on the bump (mound)
  • How to stay on top of the baseball regardless of what arm angle you throw from
  • Where momentum is developed and how to use it throughout the delivery
  • Effectively finishing the pitch and following through
  • Understanding how balance (body control) throughout the delivery results in improved control

The OnTheBumpô Long Toss philosophy is geared towards educating a player about how their arm is their lifeline in baseball. Without a well conditioned arm, a player is limited in the field. The sooner a player learns the importance of taking care of their body, the greater the impact it will have long term on their performance. Our philosophy mimics the Jaeger Sports Long Toss program which is endorsed by our very own Pitching Instructor. Ian Jones followed this program after coming back from Reconstructive Elbow surgery back in 2002 is an advocate for this Long Toss program. He thoroughly understands the key points of this throwing regimen and will help your child increase their throwing potential.

Key factors of our LONG TOSS philosophy
  • Proper warmup to increase blood flow to the throwing arm
  • Dynamic stretches
  • Progressive arm circle routine
  • Surgical tubing/arm band routine
  • Identifying and understanding the stretching phase of warming up and how it is utilized in throwing
  • Understanding how stretching and effort play a role in long toss
  • Clearing up misconceptions about long toss and the various coaching perspectives of how players should throw
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HITTING philosophy
  • Here at OnTheBumpô, our philosophy is to make hitting as simple as possible. We will work on your approach, hands, balance, and tips to get you into the hitting position. Also, we will work on rythm and timing and how to use your entire body and especially your legs and hips in the swing. We will do drills to accommodate each batter's needs. Bottom line is you must work at your craft if you plan on getting to where you want to be in this game.
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CATCHING philosophy
You have to catch the ball first before you can do anything else. Baseball cannot be played without the ball.
  • Stance - a comfortable stance enables a person to do all aspects of catching
  • Receiving - catchers can make a bad pitcher look good; or make a good pitcher look bad
  • Blocking/throwing - this is the same as "drive for show and putt for doe" blocking wins and loses games; throwing out runners does help, it's more for the show
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Pitching: Ian Jones
Hitting: Shawn West
Catching: Shawn West
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