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"I'm certainly impressed with the work Ian has done with my son. Chris came in very raw and has developed into a starting pitcher for his high school team. I like not only Ian's emphasis on pitching fundamentals, but on total arm and body development. The exercises and drills have brought new strength to my son's whole body. Ian has a no nonsense approach coupled with a knowledge of pitching which he passes on to my son. Christopher is now a confident young man who "wants the ball" in those situations in a game which require the best person on the bump."

Randy S.
Former Boulder City High School Parent
Chris S. currently pitches for Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado

"The overall program is tremendous. Ian is willing to listen and be helpful and his ability to build strategies and enhance player knowledge is unparalleled. He has given Kameron the opportunity to talk baseball and be taught new approaches to the game...We are thoroughly impressed with the high level of training and pleased that Kameron has the opportunity to interact with a professional."

Jim & Shannan S.
Currently Cypress, Texas Youth Baseball Parents

"I first heard about Ian after the first few practices my son had with his Little League team this spring. Tyler wanted to be a pitcher but I just wasn't sure I wanted to put him through lessons at that time. I am so happy that I did. Tyler's pitching speed and arm strength has improved tremendously over the last few months and his confidence has come to a new level. Tyler's interest in baseball has also been renewed and that is really saying a lot. I am impressed with Ian's ability to teach at his level and show Tyler exactly what he needs to do to excel.

Melissa S.
Former Legacy Little League Parent
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